Meet an incredible man

Usually when we meet somebody we try to find out as much as possible about them. What they do, what they like, if they have family, where they work, what hobbies they have and much more. We put a lot of effort into this. People tell us what they want and we hear what we want to hear. On the other hand it is surprising how little effort we put into getting to know ourselves.

This is exactly what this category is about. Once a week I will ask a question you may answer on the following blueprint. I would encourage you to do this because getting to know yourself is the key to achieving balance in life and helps you focus on things which are really important.

Sometimes the answer might be one sentence, sometimes one piece of paper could be insufficient. It’s very important to be honest with yourself. I encourage you to write down the answer. Why? Writing things down can help focus the mind.

So let’s start with the first question: if you could go to dinner with anyone who would it be?

I would like to go to dinner with J.Lo. I love her as a singer and an actress. She has an amazing voice and she is full of energy. She is genuine about what she’s doing and she remembers where she comes from. She’s achieved great success and has managed to keep some distance from herself.  I have the impression that she is full of happiness. The fact that she is recording a set of songs with her ex-husband is the best example of her maturity. Not many people could do this.

I’ve seen her in concert twice: in Gdańsk and in Las Vegas and I’ve always looked back on this with emotion and fond memories. I was at both concerts with my daughter. On the way from Gdansk airport to the concert hall I was dictating to a trusted employee what to say to my boss in London who was unaware that it wasn’t me (he hadn’t allowed me to take a day off so I had to improvise) and in Vegas I was at the front of the stage.

I hope that if my dream comes true ( you never know) I won’t be too shy to talk to her.

If you could go to dinner with anyone

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