I’ve always liked walking on the edge. The word impossible has been erased from my personal dictionary. First and foremost, it’s not easy for a woman to succeed in a career while being a mother at the same time. But if I can’t do it, who else can?

I crossed the limits of my strength and I am not putting my life in danger by taking part in extreme sports. I am talking about work (I manage a big company), children (son and daughter), family (I am divorced and have had a few broken relationships) forgetting about myself and my needs.

I am the master of disasters which I sometimes created myself. What for? For adrenalin, for proving to myself that I can deal with everything.

I could share my life experiences with you and in a short space of time you would have had enough.

For about a year I have been thinking about how to find a balance between work, home, children, partner and taking care of myself.

For better or worse, I am looking for answers to these questions: what do I want? how to find the balance which will give me peace? All the time I’m asking new questions the answers to which are longer overdue.

If you would like to find out more about my experience, how I succeeded at work, if you would like to share this journey then feel free to follow my blog.

Isabella Brick